Shoaib Ibrahim About his Upcoming look in the as Pathan The bodyguard in Star Bharat Serial Ajooni

Ajooni Serial Actors Shoaib Ibrahim Speaks About His New Look

Shoaib Ibrahim Ajooni Serial
स्टार भारत के ‘अजूनी’ शो में अपने नए लुक को लेकर शोएब इब्राहिम ने बताई यह ख़ास बातें, जानिए !

Shoaib Ibrahim, known for his role as Rajveer Bagga in the TV series ‘Ajooni‘ on Star Bharat, has successfully captivated the audience with his portrayal of the character. His on-screen chemistry with Ayushi Khurana, who plays ‘Ajooni,’ has become a favorite among viewers, who greatly appreciate their deep affection for each other.

Throughout the show, Rajveer and Ajooni have consistently stood by each other’s side, safeguarding their family and overcoming challenging circumstances. Once again, in order to protect his loved ones, Shoaib Ibrahim, as Rajveer Bagga, has adopted a disguised appearance.

Shoaib Ibrahim

Speaks about what underwent to create this new look and why it has taken a disguised look. Shoaib Ibrahim says, “There is an immensely remarkable event that is set to unfold in the show, and to match its excitement, I have embraced a thrilling appearance as a bodyguard. As Rajveer, my character has always been dedicated to protecting the family, and he has now adopted a fresh approach to continue doing so.

I am genuinely thrilled to portray the role of ‘Pathan’ the Bodyguard, as my appearance has undergone a striking transformation that exudes toughness. Also, I’ve wore lenses for the first time in my life so initially I faced a lot of problems but then I gradually got used to them.

Ajooni Serial
Ajooni Serial

The process of perfecting this look was time-consuming, but the makeup artist has delivered an exceptional result. I am eagerly anticipating the audience’s response to witnessing me in this captivating new appearance.”

Ajooni Serial Updates

He is seen in a rugged and rowdy look as ‘Pathan’ the bodyguard. Shoaib also posted the picture of his look on his Instagram and fans are loving the new look. The viewers are looking forward to watch Shoaib in this new look as ‘Pathan’ the bodyguard in the upcoming episode.

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