Vanshaj Serial, Unveiling The First Look Of Its Luxe Set, Vanshaj Has Taken The Term Royalty One Notch Higher

Full Of Grandeur, Sony SAB Offers The First Look Into The Royal Set Of Its Upcoming Show Vanshaj

Vanshaj Serial Set
भव्यता से भरपूर, सोनी सब अपने आगामी शो वंशज के रॉयल सेट की पहली झलक पेश करता है

Sony SAB TV’s upcoming family drama Vanshaj is all set to take its audiences into the grand world of the Mahajans. Fuelled by politics, love and intricate family dynamics Vanshaj will showcase the life of a legacy business family. The show will present viewers with an age-old question; inheritance versus capability. With an ensemble cast and a gripping narrative Vanshaj is sure to be a game-changer.

Unveiling the first look of its luxe set, Vanshaj has taken the term royalty one notch higher. It is designed to support the narrative of the show with modern architectural opulence. Be it props, furniture or aesthetic, all the elements align with the story of the show and convey the utopian business class feel.

Vanshaj Cast

Breaking away from the conventional design of a family haveli, the Vanshaj set projects power and grandiose by opting for old-school arches in larger, contemporary dimensions. The design scheme achieves a hybrid approach by harmoniously blending modern and traditional styles. The selected scale and textures aim to evoke a distinct emotion of authority and design prowess, which were achieved by meticulous skilled craftsmen and architects.

Sony SAB TV Vanshaj Serial
वंशज – का प्रीमियर 12 जून से होगा, जिसका प्रसारण सोमवार से शनिवार रात 10 बजे सोनी सब पर होगा

Modern light fixtures, including wall lamps and chandeliers, have been incorporated into the design to enhance the set’s visual depth and create dynamic shadows. These additions not only contribute to the overall aesthetic but also facilitate interactions between actors and the set lights.

The designers faced a bit of hiccup when procuring flooring for the set. They went on a sourcing trip to Morbi, a small town in Gujarat which is renowned for its expertise in tile manufacturing. After facing a few hiccups , they successfully acquired the desired tiles, tailored to their specifications.

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Within the show’s context, certain set pieces or props possess the potential to become iconic or memorable. One such piece is the circular glass chamber surrounding the tree growing at the house’s centre, symbolizing the encapsulation of nature through wealth.

Anjali Tatrari as Yuvika
Anjali Tatrari as Yuvika

Additionally, the entrance driveway features a fountain installation inspired by nature, serving as a central focal point. Lastly, a grand Ganpati installation at the main foyer entrance stands as a welcoming statement piece, representing prosperity. These distinctive elements contribute to the show’s visual impact and will leave a lasting impression on viewers.

Stay tuned to this space for more info on Sony SAB’s Vanshaj, which will hit your television screens on 12th June!

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