Alibaba Ek Andaaz Andekha Chapter 2 to Witness SimSim Emerge Once Again – Sony SAB

Witness SimSim Emerge Once Again in Alibaba Ek Andaaz Andekha Chapter 2

Alibaba Ek Andaaz Andekha Chapter 2
Sayantani Ghosh as SimSim on Sony SAB’s Alibaba – Ek Andaaz Andekha

Alibaba Ek Andaaz Andekha: Chapter 2 is Sony SAB’s full family entertainer that follows Ali (Abhishek Nigam) on his many adventures. The show has captured the hearts of its audience through its gripping narrative and lovable characters. Recently, the viewers witnessed Marjeena (Manul Chudasama) yielding a sword to rescue Ali from the clutches of the Headless Woman.

Alibaba Chapter 2

The next few episodes will see SimSim (Sayantani Ghosh) re-emerge, like a phoenix from its ashes. After being trapped in the pyramids by Ali, SimSim was unseen and unheard from. However, when the thieves come across a marid, they realise that SimSim has been confined to a bottle. With the help of the marid, SimSim is released from the bottle and starts plotting her revenge on Ali. What is SimSim’s next move?

Alibaba - Ek Andaaz Andekha Chapter 2
अलीबाबा – एक अंदाज अनोखा चैप्टर 2

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Will SimSim’s emergence create trouble for Ali?

Sayantani Ghosh, who plays the role of SimSim, said, “SimSim and Ali have always been at odds. Their end goal is to bring down each other and triumph in their own victory. I feel that even though SimSim and Ali are enemies on the show, they wouldn’t exist without each other.

With SimSim being locked away, Ali hasn’t faced very harsh challenges. But, when she’s finally released, they are both going to find themselves crossing paths. Viewers are in for an adventure they’ve been looking for when Ali and Sim find each other once again.”

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