Bigg Boss Copyright Infringement, Viacom18 Obtained a Dynamic Injunction Order from the Hon’ble Delhi High Court

Viacom18 secures Dynamic Injunction Order to Combat Copyright Infringement of Bigg Boss Across Regions

Bigg Boss Copyright Infringement
Bigg Boss – Watch Season 17

In a significant legal triumph, Viacom18 has successfully obtained a Dynamic Injunction Order from the Hon’ble Delhi High Court, marking a significant milestone in its unwavering fight against copyright infringement. The order grants Viacom18 the authority to protect from infringement of the ongoing reality shows, including Bigg Boss Hindi, Bigg Boss Kannada and the upcoming Season in Marathi.

BiggBoss, a highly popular reality show celebrated for its distinctive format featuring contestants from diverse backgrounds cohabiting and undertaking challenges for the coveted prize, is broadcast on the Viacom18 network through its COLORS branded Hindi and regional channels and on the JioCinema OTT app.

Bigg Boss

The Delhi High Court, in its recent order, directed various rogue and pirate websites to be suspended/locked by respective Domain Name Registrars. The court recognized the immense popularity of the shows in India and acknowledged Viacom18’s right in protecting the content. The order specifically restrains the rogue websites mentioned in the suit and further instructs Internet Service Providers (ISPs), the Department of Telecommunications (DoT), and the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeITy) to block access to such rogue websites.

The order also allows Viacom18 to add any additional infringing websites using the name “Bigg Boss” in their domain or any other websites which are telecasting the program ‘Bigg Boss’ illegally and extend the injunction to such additional websites as well. This action aims to curb piracy and safeguard Viacom18’s substantial investment in producing and broadcasting these shows.

This dynamic injunction order empowers Viacom18 to enforce its exploitation and broadcasting rights for the upcoming BiggBoss events, ensuring that infringing activities are promptly addressed.

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