Desiplay TV Schedule – Naa Aana Iss Des Laado, Comedy Nights With Kapil, Uttaran, Mahakaali

Hindi Channels In Canada Schedule – Desiplay TV Show List

DesiPlay TV Shows
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Viacom18’s DesiPlay TV is the first FAST Hindi General Entertainment Channel to launch on Pluto TV in Canada, featuring inspiring Indian stories, hand-picked Hindi shows and blockbuster Bollywood movies.

Naa Aana Iss Des Laado, Comedy Nights With Kapil, Uttaran, Mahakaali, Radha Prem Ki Deewani, Mrs. Pammi Pyarelal And More Shows in The Desiplay TV Schedule.

Comedy Nights With Kapil

Genre – Comedy

In this celebrity talk show, hosted by Kapil Sharma, the biggest Bollywood stars walk in, while Kapil’s entire family and neighbours’ barge in! This outrageous family has always enthralled and entertained the audiences, with characters including Gutthi, Palak, Bua and Dadi.


Genre – Mythology

If there is one goddess in Hindu mythology who is feared and revered at the same time, it is Kaali – the ultimate destroyer. But her personal life is also a part of this story, including her transformation from a mortal to Mahakaali, the Goddess Parvati and wife to Mahadev.


Genre – Drama

UTTARAN is a popular Hindi show based on a tale of two friends with completely different backgrounds. Tapasya is the spoiled daughter of a rich man, while Ichha, her best friend, is the maid’s daughter. The series takes an interesting turn when Tapasya gets married, and the best friends are locked in a love triangle.

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Naa Aana Iss Des Laado

Genre – Drama

The critically acclaimed Indian TV show is a social drama that raises a voice against the oppression of women in the Indian hinterlands.

Radha Prem Ki Deewani

Genre – Drama

Despite all the differences between them, destiny keeps bringing Radha and Prem together. Will this attraction turn into a love story? One of the best Romantic Hindi shows, only on DesiPlay TV.

Mrs. Pammi Pyarelal

Genre – Comedy

After moving to Mumbai, Param desperately needs a roof over his head, especially when his best friend, Rahul, also gets kicked out of his rented apartment. The duo learns of a house up for rent, but the landlady has one simple condition – her tenants must be married! With no option left, Param and Rahul spin a web of lies and pose as husband and wife. What follows is a hilarious roller coaster ride, packed with friendship, love and absolute chaos.

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