discovery+ Announces February Lineup – The Perfect Murder S5 , Milf Manor, Heartbreak Island S3

What is Releasing on discovery+, February 2023 Lineup

discovery+ Announces February Lineup
MILF Manor

discovery+, the definitive non-fiction, real-life subscription streaming service from Warner Bros. Discovery announces its upcoming programming slate that will be available to stream from February onwards. The enthralling lineup will captivate viewers across all ages, with titles spanning multiple genres.

Releases for the month include The Perfect Murder S5, a true crime show, which unfolds the investigations behind a gruesome murder as the case goes from cold to hot. Heartbreak Island will return with season three, showcasing 16 hot singles ready to put everything on the line as they seek their perfect match and a $100k prize.

True Crime

THE PERFECT MURDER S5 – The Perfect Murder unravels the truth as the perfect murder goes awry and the crime is exposed, from the startling discovery of a mother’s body found strangled on the side of the road to the man found stabbed to death in his car. Detectives encounter numerous dead ends, and false suspects are eliminated. But sometimes, a fresh lead might lead to another, and the case goes from cold to hot. In actuality, it is the ideal murder-until it isn’t. Streaming 10th February onwards on discovery+

Love & Romance

MILF MANOR – Milf Manor is an intergenerational dating show wherein eight confident and independent women travel to a paradise location from cities all over the nation in search of love with younger men, but they discover a “shocking” twist. Streaming 3rd Feb onwards


HEARTBREAK ISLAND S3 – When a group of single boys and girls arrive at Heartbreak Island, pulses will quicken, and temperatures will soar. Heartbreak Island is back with another season wherein 16 hot singles put everything on the line seeking the perfect match and a $100k prize. Streaming 16th Feb onwards

Paranormal & Unexplained

MICHIGAN HELL HOUSE – Located on Dice Road in a remote area halfway between Saginaw and Midland, Michigan, Hell House has a history of unusual events. Steve Shippy, a paranormal investigator, and Cindy Kaza, a psychic medium, try to pinpoint the evil that terrorises a family and their home. This is the best-documented paranormal case in history, with hundreds of police records, dozens of eyewitnesses, and dozens of hours of real-time audio recordings. Streaming 23rd Feb onwards on discovery+

THE DEVIL’S ACADEMY – The Devil’s Academy reveals how all hell broke loose at the Miami Aerospace Academy (MAA) on October 25, 1979, when the terrifying haunting possessed the school and its students. The school’s student body appeared to be subject to widespread demonic possession, followed by horrific events at the high school that spread like wildfire. Streaming 28th Feb onwards

Science & Lifestyle

FIXER UPPER S1-S4 – The married couple Chip and Joanna Gaines own a Waco, Texas-based home remodelling and decorating company. They take on customers, transforming their fixer-uppers into the houses of their dreams. Streaming 1st Feb onwards

SEWER DIVERS – The heroes who maintain America’s sewer systems take us on an up-close journey of the ancient sewer networks in major American cities, navigating us around broken pipes and eye-opening obstructions as they work tirelessly to keep clean water flowing and toilets flushing. A tale of heroes who make tremendous efforts to stay dirty to maintain the cleanliness of everyone else’s bathrooms and kitchens. Streaming 10th Feb onwards

NASA UNEXPLAINED FILES S4 – Explore the possibility of life beyond our planet by delving into the mysteries of NASA’s most intriguing missions and viewing ground-breaking footage and interviews with astronauts and scientists. Streaming 11th Feb onwards on discovery+


Brand-new episodes submerge viewers in the boisterous, family-run business of Acrylic Tank’s high-profile customers. The tanks, which can store fish up to 50 000 gallons, house some of the oddest and most eccentric species in existence. Watch them build extravagant aquariums for a variety of customers. Streaming 28th Feb onwards

YELLOWSTONE JOURNALS – A paradise unmatched anyplace else on the earth is hidden deep within the Rocky Mountains of the American west. Hundreds of creatures that have evolved to thrive in a harsh and shifting environment can be found in Yellowstone National Park. Let’s explore daily life in the renowned Yellowstone National Park and see how some of the area’s incredible wildlife endure the severe climate. Streaming 17th Feb onwards on discovery+


THE SPRING BAKING CHAMPIONSHIP – Hosted by Bobby Deen, this baking competition is the perfect start to the blooming spring. Eight bakers enter the kitchen to showcase their exceptional baking abilities as the finest bakers in the nation take on springtime delicacies! The bakers must demonstrate their skills in front of our recurring tough-love judges, Duff Goldman, Lorraine Pascale, and Nancy Fuller if they hope to survive the trials from week to week. Streaming 24th Feb onwards


Children’s excitement will loom with new releases, including Little Singham: Great Japan Adventure, King Cobra Sabko Dassega, Desh Ka Sipaahi: Mission Josh and Bablu Dabu S2.

It’s entertainment around the hour with exciting new releases in February on discovery+ across Crime, Love, Lifestyle, Kids Programming and Docuseries

Love Kills - Madhumita Shukla Hatyakand
Love Kills – Madhumita Shukla Hatyakand

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