Ellam Sheriyakum Movie Premier on Zee Keralam – 12th February at 06:00 PM

Zee Keralam WTP Movie Ellam Sheriyakum

Ellam Shariyakum Zee Keralam
എല്ലാം ശരിയാകും

The family entertainer movie “Ellam Sheriyakum” directed by Jibu Jacob is heading its presence to the television screen through premiering on Malayalis favourite channel Zee Keralam. The movie revolves around Ancy and Vineeth played by the much admired duo Rajisha Vijayan, and Asif Ali, who keep surprising us with their unique choices.

Cast and Crew

Vineeth and Ancy are this couple who got married against the will of Ancy’s father, Chacko as Vineeth and Chacko are presenting different political ideologies. Chacko had to give up on his dream to be the CM because Ancy decided to elope with Vineeth when his party won the election. What forced Ancy to do that to her father and the aftereffects of that in their life marks the crux of the movie with an assurance that, yes “Ellam Sheriyakum” (everything will be fine) at the end. The movie features a talented line-up which include the dependable actor Siddique and the versatile Indrans.

Malayalam TV Premiers

Zee Keralam, which is popular among viewers for its contemporary adaptations, is the ideal platform for the film’s premiere. After the recent set of first on TV films on the channel like Innu Muthal, Krishnan Kutti Pani Thudangi, Wolf, Operation Java, Chathurmukham, Lalbagh and Aaha, “Ellam Sheriyakum” with an appealing subject will engage and entertain the viewers for sure. The movie will premiere on Zee Keralam on 12th February at 6pm.

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