Falimy Malayalam Movie Streaming Online Exclusively on Disney+ Hotstar from 18th December

Mix of Laugher, Love, and a Hint of Chaos – Falimy Movie OTT Release Date

Falimy OTT Release
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Disney+ Hotstar proudly announces the streaming of the Malayalam Family comedy “Falimy”, starting from December 18th.The film dives into a family when they discover their grandfather’s wish to visit Varanasi, they embark on a unique pilgrimage that tests their bonds and leads to unforgettable moments of self-discovery, reconciliation, and hilarious adventures.

Cast and Crew

With Basil Joseph leading the talented cast alongside Manju Pillai, Jagadish, Sandeep Pradeep, and Meenaraj Raghavan, “Falimy” brings a depth and humour to its characters that is sure to resonate with audiences. Director Nithish Sahadev, with a keen eye for detail and a knack for storytelling, delivers a heartwarming and hilarious film that celebrates the strength of family and the importance of standing together through thick and thin.

Disney+ Hotstar

Falimy OTT Release Date
Falimy OTT Release Date

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