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Star Jalsha Latest Serial Horo Gouri Pice Hotel Online Streaming At Hotstar

Horo Gouri Pice Hotel
হরগৌরী পাইস হোটেল

Star Jalsha’s Latest Fiction Horo Gouri Pice Hotel Around the journey of two characters Shankar (Played by Rahul Mazumdar) & Oishani (Played by Suvosmita Mukherjee). both coming from diametrically contrasting backgrounds & lifestyles, but despite all odds how they understand the other half’s strengths and, in the process, plays a major instrumental role in shaping each other’s lives. Show is produced under Blue Water Motion Pictures and Hotstar Streaming Online Videos.

Original Episodes Airing at Every Monday to Sunday at 10:00 PM

01:00 AM, 04:00 AM,11:00 AM – Repeat Telecast Time of Horo Gouri Pice Hotel Serial


Oishani lives in Ballygunge. She was born in the lap of luxury & enjoys a refined & carefree life. Education empowers an individual, is the value instilled by her father Shishir & Oishani upholds it. She is a gold medalist & wants to pursue her higher studies.

Shankar and his family on the other hand, live in the old by lanes of Kalighat. Shankar’s life revolves around Horo Gouri Pice Hotel. Their ways of life are “stuck in time”, a far cry from the modern & progressive world of today. They have very basic needs, ambition doesn’t figure in their lives & generations together, they have lived this way. Being educated is of no value in this house.

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Destiny brings Shankar & Oishani together. They discover how different their worlds are yet they both want the same things in life to see their loved ones & family happy. Their lives become intertwined & thus unfold a beautiful love story of two people as different as “Chalk” & “Cheese” yet encouraging & supportive of one another. Shankar is played by Rahul Mazumdar and Oishani’s character is played by Suvosmita Mukherjee. This is her debut project.

Horogouri Pice Hotel Serial
হরগৌরীপাইসহোটেল – বাড়ি পাল্টালে কি সত্যিই পাল্টে যায় জীবন ?

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