I Survived Bear Grylls Series Premieres on discovery+ App & Discovery Channel on June 3rd at 8 PM IST

Survival Gets a New Twist – I Survived Bear Grylls Series Premier Date

I Survived Bear Grylls

Survivalist Bear Grylls and Jordan Conley as contestants face extreme wilderness challenges in this new adventure series I Survived Bear Grylls. Get ready for an adrenaline-packed adventure as Warner Bros. Discovery premieres I Survived Bear Grylls on June 3rd on discovery+ and Discovery Channel at 8 PM IST. This thrilling new series merges the excitement of survival and game show genres, offering viewers a unique blend of education and entertainment.

I Survived Bear Grylls

Hosted by legendary survivalist Bear Grylls and comedian Jordan Conley, this series features eight stand-alone episodes, each presenting a fresh set of contestants who face specially designed games that elevate Bear’s most iconic adventures. Known for his daring rescues and survival prowess, Bear Grylls shifts his focus from self-preservation to challenging America’s armchair adventurers.

In each episode, contestants are pushed to their limits with wilderness-simulated challenges that test their smarts, physical endurance, and adaptability. From navigating treacherous terrains to consuming some truly gnarly survival food, participants must do whatever it takes to survive and emerge victorious.

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I Survived Bear Grylls highlights the tenacity and resourcefulness needed to overcome the odds in the wilderness. Each episode offers a blend of discovery, education, and adventure, ensuring viewers are both entertained and enlightened.

Don’t miss the premiere of I Survived Bear Grylls as Bear Grylls take you on this captivating journey into the wild on June 3rd on Discovery Channel & discovery+

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