Jagame Thandiram Kathaigal – Colors Tamil Launches Crime docu-drama

Actor Senthil Kumar is the Host of Jagame Thandiram Kathaigal

Jagame Thandiram Kathaigal
ஜகமே தந்திரம் கதைகள் !

Building on the success and popularity of its fiction shows, Colors Tamil, the fastest-growing GEC of Tamil Nadu, is sprucing up its prime-time lineup with the launch of a brand new docu-drama Jagame Thandiram Kathaigal. This crime series will bring to light a slew of gripping accounts of real-life crime. The channel has roped in popular Actor Senthil to present the show which will be telecast from Monday to Saturday every week at 10:30 PM.

Jagame Thandiram Kathaigal Hosted by Actor Senthil Kumar will premiere on Colors Tamil Channel on 27th December , Monday at 10:30 PM.

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The show, which will initially span 30 episodes , will try to create awareness among Tamil-speaking viewers on a variety of social issues like domestic abuse, police brutality, student suicides, gender discrimination, spiritual hoax, and more. It also intends to send a message to everyone about how they may avoid being victims of the same. The hour-long show will also include dramatic recreations of terrifying real-life situations from across the country, giving viewers a true sense of what happened.

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Colors Tamil has also weaved in an innovative social campaign across their handles as a countdown to the show. It is encouraging people to voice their views and experiences related to social injustice in the society.The three main themes are domestic violence, harassment against women and child abuse and the hashtags are: #JagameThandhiramKadhaigal #JTK #RJSenthil #ColorsTamil #ManasaatchiyinKural.

People from various parts of the nation have already begun sharing their experiences. The channel aims to create public consciousness over such issues, deeming it important for everybody to speak up against these problems the moment they face it, rather than after years.

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