Jhansi Ki Rani Special episode on Zee TV at 8:30 PM on 9th October

Kratika Sengar, Samir Dharmadikari and Benaf of Jhansi Ki Rani

Special Episode of Jhansi Ki Rani
Samir Dharmadikari, Kratika Sengar & Benaf have begun cooking on the sets of Jhansi Ki Rani

There are some shows that get made with no fuss and in no time … and then there are shows like Jhansi Ki Rani!  With the grand sets, lighting it all up, a thousand technicians, a hundred artistes, as many horses and elephants, battle sequences, heavy costumes and jewellery, moustaches and wigs for even the tertiary cast … no marks for guessing that the show takes forever to make!

Cast and Crew

And guess what happens to the lead actors? They just don’t get to go back home! With the sets of the show rather cut-off from the city in Karjat, it’s been nearly four weeks that actors Kratika Sengar, Benaf Dadachanji and Samir Dharmadhikari haven’t seen the insides of their own houses in Mumbai. With choc-a-bloc shoot schedules that invariably run into the wee hours, it is practically impossible to manage a 3-hour commute to the city. So what are Kratika, Sameer and Benaf doing to get through this sane?

Aghori On Zee TV
Aghori On Zee TV

Jhansi Ki Rani Written Update

BONDING, ofcourse! The trio is said to get along like a house on fire … constantly making wisecracks at each other’s expense, engaging in bouts of sher-o-shaayri, antakshri and since they miss good ol’ home-cooked food, the latest is that they’ve begun hijacking the kitchen on the sets and cooking one elaborate meal for the unit every other day all by themselves! “It’s such good fun when Benaf, Samir and I get all creative in the kitchen … we’re a big mess for the staff to clean up once we’re done … but we’ve earned it by practically foregoing any semblance of a personal life!” said Kratika Sengar. Bon Appetit, folks!

Catch a 1-hour special episode of Jhansi Ki Rani at 8:30 PM on Saturday, 9th Oct on Zee TV!

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