Kumbhakaran, Reaches the battlefield in Shrimad Ramayan on Sony Entertainment Television!

Shrimad Ramayan Written Updates – Kumbhakaran, reaches the battlefield

Sameer Boxer as Kumbhakaran
Sameer Boxer – Shrimad Ramayan Star Cast

In the latest episodes of Sony Entertainment Television’s divine saga, ‘Shrimad Ramayan,’ Lord Ram’s strategic acumen comes to the forefront as he devises a plan to make Lanka King Ravan prematurely wake his brother, Kumbhakaran.

By Lord Brahma’s boon, Kumbhakaran becomes invincible only if he completes six months of sleep and thus, it was imperative for Lord Ram to wake him up before this period so that Kumbakaran could be defeated in the war.

As Lord Ram intensifies his efforts, Lanka King Ravan, in a bid to save his kingdom, decides to send the mighty Kumbhakaran into battle to annihilate his foes. The ensuing conflict promises to be an epic showdown, testing the courage and resilience of both sides.

Sameer Boxer – Kumbhakaran

Shares his thoughts on the unfolding drama: “The narrative intricately weaves the tactical brilliance of Lord Ram and the desperate measures of King Raavan, highlighting the intense emotions and motivations driving each character.

These episodes make for a compelling watch as viewers witness the extent to which Ravan will go to protect his reign and the steadfast determination of Lord Ram to achieve justice.”

Be sure to tune in to ‘Shrimad Ramayan‘ every Monday to Friday at 9:00 PM,on Sony Entertainment Television.

Shrimad Ramayan
Shrimad Ramayan

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