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Kangana files FIR against the contestants – Lock Upp Live

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Fearless Reality show Lock Upp – Badass Jail Atyaachaari Khel to be aired on ALTBalaji & MX Player has got everyone on the edge of their seats, including the top celebrities in the industry! After the tremendous success of the show’s teaser, the viewers are eager to know more about the show, the contestants on the show and what Kangana Ranaut is about to do next?

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Well, the wait is almost over as the host Kangana Ranaut has already made her first move! Kangana has decided to place various celebrities in her show LockUpp. The fiery queen of Bollywood has filed a reality action against the first contestant and it is none other than the female celebrity who has been the subject of multiple controversies this year.

It seems like now Kangana has decided to put her contestants behind bars. The video of the contestant shows her speaking over a call, unabashedly discussing the male-dominated society and how men objectify women and treat them disrespectfully. We realise later that she is doing all this for a publicity stunt and the men in uniforms barge in to take her to LockUpp.

Fearless Reality show Lock Upp
Fearless Reality show

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Badass Jail Atyaachari Khel will be streamed live on ALTBalaji and MX Player. There will be 16 popular celebrity contestants locked up in Kangana Ranaut’s jail. They will compete for the most basic amenities as they fight for the winner’s title. The celebrity contestants will soon be revealed to the viewers who, as a first, can also interact with them and be a unique part of the show.

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