Mahabharatam Tamil Reaches Its Climax On Vijay TV

Vijay TV Will Telecast The Climax Episode Of Mahabharatam Tamil On 30th October 2014

Mahabharatam Tamil
Mahabharatam Tamil

The epic story of Mahabharatam which was launched on Vijay TV in October 2013 has become one of the most favorites of Tamil audience. The serial has been receiving raving appreciation for the grandeur production and the classic Tamil pronounced by the characters in the serial. Great pains have been taken to narrate this story with utmost care.

mahabharatham climax in tamil vijay tv

The narration of the story had begun from the foremost ancestor of the epic Shantanu-Satyavathy and the sacrifice of Bhismar. The lead characters of Mahabharatam viz Dhirudrashtar, Gandhari, Duryodhan, Sakuni, Yudhishtar, Bheeman, Arjun, Sahadevan, Nakulan, Karnan, Krishna were portrayed in a grandeur manner. Also not much known stories of the epic are brought to lime-light so that viewers get to see a fresh and untold stories so far in Mahabharatam.

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mahabharatham climax in tamil vijay tv

The most skilled people were chosen to make the narration of this tale perfect on TV. The sets costumes and the action sequences are all set to take you back in time. The set is a grand one! Attention to detail has been taken to make the set look authentic.

After the successful 250 plus episodes which had gone on air the serial is getting concluded on 30 October 2014. The 18 days Kurushetra war coming to an end with a grand climax. Don’t miss to watch this historical epic story Mahabharatam only on Vijay TV at 7 pm till 30 Oct 2-14.

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