Memories on Colors Tamil – Five key things to look out for in this refreshingly well-sketched psychological thriller

Color Tamil to be aired at 10:00 PM onwards – Memories

Memories Colors Tamil
Memories – Colors Tamil

What happens when a person gets to know the secrets of the dead bodies and how one can conquer the mystery of people who are dead. This forms the interesting crux of this supernatural thriller which connects all dots related to how, why and what the dead people do with regards to their activities and other affairs.

Siddharth , a well-known news anchor blessed with an unusual superpower can reveal secrets of the dead bodies by touching it.Be it good or bad, he can crack it for the police. Rohit Roy, Surleen Kaur and Priyal Gor star in this web-series.

Web Series on Colors Tamil

1. Interesting story line – The genre and storyline are very interesting with some many different situations superimposed in the narration that forms a very interesting link with the viewers.

2. Memories Episodes with new twists – Twists always surprise the viewers and every episode has some strong elements like sudden revelations and shocking instances on illegal activities and crime which can create an impact with the viewers.

3. Contemporary subjects – Current relevance is very strong and contemporary subjects like love, betrayal, politics, romance and police investigations are well explored in the web series. Connect with the viewer’s becomes more relevant to the theme.

4. Refreshing creativity – With a an interesting theme on being able to decipher the secrets of dead bodies, the creative elements has a lot of refreshing content aided by strong writing.

5. Complete package for entertainment – Romance and psychological thriller form a typical entertaining package for the viewers. Captivating moments mystery, love , investigations and ability to use superpower etc. can keep the viewers hooked to the web series Memories.

So get ready to experience this thriller which is smartly packaged to entertain the viewers of Color Tamil to be aired at 10:00 PM onwards. The web-series will travel through various situations and give surprising revelations for keeping the viewers engaged.

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