Say Yes To The Dress India, Women Fighter Pilots – Celebrate Mother’s Day With discovery+’s Shows

Celebrate Mother’s Day by Top 5 Shows to watch with your Mother on discovery+

Celebrate Mother's Day
Celebrate Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day serves as a cherished occasion to celebrate the powerful and influential personality that is a mother. Mother’s Day is a cultural celebration in India. It’s a day to honour mothers and their sacrifices for their families. It’s a way to show appreciation for their love, care, and nurturing nature.

While it is traditional to celebrate Mother’s Day by giving gifts to mothers and spending quality time with them, another great way to celebrate Mother’s day is by recognizing the difficulties women face and how much they have to sacrifice and overcome them. However, if you’re looking for some light-hearted reality comedy, discovery+ has you covered on that front as well!

Here are five shows for you to watch on discovery+ on Mother’s Day

Say Yes To The Dress India

An 8-episodic reality series following the lives of 16 to-be brides who are trying to be in control of things that are mostly out of their control. The stories will have you cheering for the brides and their families while they navigate emotions and drama. The show also features top Indian designers like Neeta Lulla, Natasha Dalal, and Anju Modi.

Everest: Indian Army Women Expedition

The show is a gripping documentary series that chronicles the extraordinary journey of Indian Women Army officers as they undertake the monumental challenge of conquering Mount Everest. The show provides viewers with a riveting glimpse into the rigorous training, physical endurance, and unwavering determination required to summit the world’s highest peak.

Through breathtaking cinematography and personal narratives, the series captures the triumphs, setbacks, and camaraderie experienced by the climbers during their arduous ascent. “Everest: Indian Army Expedition” not only showcases the indomitable spirit of the Indian Army but also highlights the profound significance of teamwork, resilience, and perseverance in the face of formidable obstacles.

Women Fighter Pilots

The Indian Defense Minister announced in 2015 that women can take on combat roles in the Indian Air Force. Now, the stories of the first three women selected to become the first female fighter pilots are revealed. Becoming a fighter pilot needs immense courage, and courage has no gender. These women have defied all obstacles to rule the sky. Watch India’s daughters soar high in Indian Women Fighter Pilots.

She Creates Change

A documentary focuses on the inspirational stories of women bringing about positive change in their local communities and beyond. Each episode features the powerful tales of women who are leading significant projects, shattering stereotypes, and supporting important causes. “She Creates Change” highlights the resilience, determination, and passion of these remarkable women as they take on social, environmental, and humanitarian challenges through in-depth interviews and immersive storytelling.

The goal of the show is to motivate and encourage people to take initiative and change their own areas of influence.

Women Like Her

“Women Like Her” is a compelling documentary series that profiles remarkable women who have defied societal norms and shattered glass ceilings in various fields. Through intimate interviews and captivating storytelling, the show delves into the lives, achievements, and struggles of these trailblazing women.

From groundbreaking entrepreneurs and activists to visionary leaders and cultural icons, “Women Like Her” celebrates the resilience, courage, and resilience of women who have paved the way for future generations. The series offers inspiring insights into their journeys, triumphs, and the lasting impact of their contributions to society.

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