Nanna Devaru Colors Kannada Serial Launching on 8th July , Monday to Saturday at 6.30 PM

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Nanna Devaru Serial
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Mayuri, Avinash Divakar, Yuktha Malnad, Malathi Sudhir, V. Manohar, Yamuna Srinidhi, Nishitha Gowda and Swathi Are In the Star Cast of Colors Kannada Serial Nanna Devaru. Mayuri of Ashwini Nakshatra fame is back with Nanna Devru as a small-town girl who takes on challenges to protect her role model.

Nanna Devaru premieres exclusively on Colors Kannada starting on 8th July at 6:30 PM, airing Monday through Saturday. The show will also be available on JioCinema.


Narrates the story between a revered philanthropist and his devoted disciple. The show Nanna Devaru follows Mayuri, a kind-hearted nurse from a humble background in Brahmadurga. Mayuri works at one of the many charity hospitals run by Sacchidananda, a well-known philanthropist and industrialist admired for his extensive social work. Mayuri holds Sacchidananda in the highest regard, viewing him as a living embodiment of virtue and wants to follow in his footsteps.


Sacchidananda, a 44-year-old widowed father of a 20-year-old daughter Sakshi, who is the opposite of her father, rebellious in nature and revolts against her father’s decisions. Due to Sacchidananda devoting himself to the people’s cause, Sakshi has become distant and lives away from him to work in Bengaluru as a bartender which causes a lot of heartache to Sachidananda. Sacchidananda hopes to gain his daughter’s confidence one day.

New Kannada TV Serials
New Kannada TV Serials


Mayuri, a 24-year-old is an orphan, raised by her adopted parents Sukumar and Madhavi. Sukumar is a cab driver and Madhavi a homemaker. Mayuri is educated at the institutions run by Sacchidananda and working as a nurse in one of his hospitals, Mayuri deeply admires Sacchidananda’s philanthropic work. She is fiercely loyal and willing to go to any lengths to safeguard his reputation and protect him during challenging times.

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