Ok Jaanu Serial Heroine Krutika – Telugu Serial On Star Maa Channel

Star Maa Serial Ok Jaanu Serial Heroine Krutika Profile and Images

Ok Jaanu Serial Heroine Krutika
Krutika Is Ok Jaanu Serial Heroine

Within short period star maa serial ok jaanu become popular and people started searching about ok jaanu heroine original name. kruthika is the original name of star maa tv serial ok jaanu. which started from 29th may 2017 onward. every monday to staurday at 9.30 pm is the telecast time of ok janu serial. there is a hindi movie released with the same title, there is no connection with movie with same title.

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within few episodes this star maa serial become popular and we can expect the same on top 5 trp charts.jaanu and ramu are the lead characters in this serial, krithika playing the title role. Jaanu aged 19 years and born in a rich family, living happily. ramu character enter the scene, he is from middle class family. his parents forced for marriage, ramu run away from his family to escape an arranged marriage proposal. meeting with ramu and jaanu are the man plot, what happens next ?.

telugu romantic serials name
telugu romantic serials name

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Siddarth, Latha, Roopa Devi etc are in the star cast of ok jaanu serial. star maa channel have huge expectations with ok jaanu, they also started showing the promos of another serial named Uyyala Jampala. Star maa parivaar awards 2017 going to telecast this sunday, honoring star maa artists. we will more about star maa and other telugu channels through this web page.

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