OMG 2 Movie World Television Premier Scheduled to air on the Colors Cineplex channel on March 10th at 8:00 PM

Colors Cineplex and Rati Foundation Join Hands to Raise Awareness on Sex Education in Conjunction with the World Television Premier of ‘OMG 2’

OMG 2- Maha Premier
OMG 2- Maha Premier

In a resolute commitment to fostering positive change and championing social causes, Colors Cineplex proudly announces its collaboration with the Rati Foundation, a Mumbai-based NGO devoted to spreading awareness about sex education. By joining forces, they will empower individuals through the provision of essential counselling services, encompassing professional support for mental health, online safety, sexual and reproductive health rights guidance, and more.

The collaboration with Rati Foundation comes in anticipation of the much-awaited World Television Premier of ‘OMG 2’, scheduled to air on the Colors Cineplex channel on March 10th at 8:00 PM. Through this partnership, Colors Cineplex and the Rati Foundation endeavours to leverage the widespread reach of entertainment medium to address the pressing issue of sex education.

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OMG 2 delves into the nuances of societal norms, wherein the protagonist embarks on a legal battle after his son faces injustice due to societal taboos around sex education. Guided by divine intervention from a messenger he is seen challenging the flawed system, advocating for progressive parenting and the inclusion of sex education in schools. The movie skilfully blends humour with a serious societal critique, urging for open dialogue on adolescent sexuality.

To complement the film’s theme and highlight the importance of sex education, Colors Cineplex launched the #ShikshaKiShuruwatGharSe digital campaign. Partnering with the Rati Foundation as cause ambassadors, along with influencers like Smita Bansal, Dr. Tanaya, Seema Anand and Saurabh Ghadge, the campaign aims to raise awareness and emphasize the importance of starting sex education at home. These content creators have skilfully maintained a light-hearted tone infused with subtle humour, thereby fostering an environment where the subject matter can be openly discussed within households.

Rohan Lavsi, Head, Hindi Movies Cluster, expressed his enthusiasm on this groundbreaking collaboration, stating, “We recognize the power of storytelling to drive meaningful conversations and ignite social change. Our collaboration with the Rati Foundation aligns seamlessly with our mission to address critical issues through the medium of storytelling. ‘OMG 2’ is not just a film; it’s an opportunity to spark conversations and drive awareness about the importance of sex education.”

OMG 2 Movie World Television Premier

Mr. Siddharth Pillai, Co-Founder & Director from the RATI foundation, commented, “We cannot be talking about sex and sexuality only when we come across cases of sexual abuse or rape. We at Rati Foundation run Meri Trustline 6363176363 which is a helpline committed to fostering safe environments for children, adolescents and women particularly focusing on protection from sexual abuse and harassment in online & on ground spaces. By joining forces with Colors Cineplex, we have a unique opportunity to amplify our message and reach a diverse audience. ‘OMG 2′ provides a compelling narrative to address the pervasive issue of sexual harassment and the lack of awareness around sex. It urges us to have the conversation with our children on a daily basis, which I think we must as responsible adults. Through our partnership with Colors Cineplex, we aim to break the silence, raise awareness, and contribute to fostering a society that is more empathetic and informed.”

On the world television premiere, lead actor Akshay Kumar shared his excitement, saying, “OMG 2’ is not your typical sequel; it’s a bold continuation of a narrative that demands to be heard. As Lord Shiva’s messenger, I had the privilege of being part of a story that transcends boundaries and resonates with audiences on a deeper level. It’s a film that sparks conversations and inspires introspection, and I couldn’t be prouder to be a part of it.”

Echoing Kumar’s sentiments, Pankaj Tripathi expressed, “In OMG 2, I had the opportunity to dig into a character that is both relatable and complex. Kanti Sharan Mudgal is not just a devotee of Lord Shiva; he’s a father going through taboos and moral dilemmas. It’s a role that challenged me as an actor and allowed me to explore the depths of human emotion. I can’t wait for audiences to witness this incredible story.”

As the entertainment industry continues to evolve, Colors Cineplex and the Rati Foundation are committed to using their expertise and platforms for social good, striving to create a more empathetic and informed society. Through collaborative efforts, the aim to pave the way for lasting change and foster a culture of respect and safety for all.

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