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Pavitra Rishta
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Recent horror stories about actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s showdowns and tantrums might lead you to believe that the once shy and gentlemanly actor has crossed over to the dark side of fame. However, that’s as far from the truth if our sources on the sets are to be believed.The Pavitra Rishta star had recently been invited to perform at a special wedding episode of Zee TV’s Sanskaar Laxmi where he had to perform a small jig as is customary at most weddings. Unfortunately, that was also the same week that Sushant was suffering from severe back ache.

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So, while most crew members expected the actor to refuse, he delighted everyone by being a thorough professional and giving an outstanding performance. Pavitra Rishta Online Videos, Not only did he learn the words to the Punjabi track within 20 mins but he also gave them a superb performance in just one take! He was also seen sharing light-hearted banter with the assistants on the sets and sharing his home-cooked tiffin with them, quite contrary to his snooty, aloof image being painted by the recent reports!

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So it’s time the media cuts the poor guy some slack and acknowledges him for being every bit the good guy he really is!To catch more of your favorite ‘Manav’, stay tuned to Pavitra Rishta every Monday-Friday at 9 PM only on Zee TV.

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