Puneesh Sharma, of Bigg Boss 11 fame, REVEALS poster of his new song Haara Nahi, says ‘I’ve poured my heart and soul into it’

Bigg Boss 11 fame Puneesh Sharma RETURNS with a bang after 2 years; UNVEILS the poster of his new music video Haara Nahi

Puneesh Sharma - Haara Nahi Poster Launch
Haara Nahi Poster Launch

After a hiatus of two years, Puneesh Sharma, of Bigg Boss 11 fame, is set to make a resounding return with his music video titled ‘Haara Nahi.’ The poster of the song launched today, creating excitement and intrigue among fans. This venture marks Puneesh’s return to the limelight after his stint as an antagonist in the TV show Muskaan in 2020.

This moment holds even more significance for Puneesh as Haara Nahi is produced under his own home production, Volume Up. The song features the dual talents of Manas Abhiram, co-owner of Volume Up, who is both the singer and director of the music video.

Puneesh Sharma

In Haara Nahi, Puneesh Sharma takes on the role of an ace celebrity, whose life takes an unforeseen turn due to a moment of carelessness. The song weaves a roller-coaster of emotions, blending modern rock melodies with a gripping narrative. The poster alone stands as proof of the song’s energetic vibe and contemporary rock influences, leaving fans eager to delve into the musical journey.

Talking about the same, Puneesh said, “Stepping back onto the screen after two years feels like a whirlwind of excitement and nerves. ‘Haara Nahi‘ is my heart and soul, a product of my own creation through Volume Up, my labor of love. I’m hoping my fans feel the same affection they’ve always shown and embrace this new chapter with open arms. ‘Haara Nahi’ reveals a side of me that’s unexplored, a passion I’ve poured into every beat. Here’s to embracing new beginnings and hoping this musical adventure resonates with you all!”



Known for his stint in Bigg Boss 11, Puneesh is a businessman from Delhi. His journey in the entertainment industry started back in 2009 when he won the show Sarkaar Ki Duniya. However, his life took a drastic turn when he became a finalist on Bigg Boss 11. This experience led him to venture into acting, and he began appearing in various TV shows.

Now, Puneesh is taking his passion a step further. He’s set his sights on nurturing new talents and creating relatable, entertaining content through his very own production house, ‘Volume Up.’

Puneesh sharma – https://www.instagram.com/puneesh4353/
Manas Abhiram – https://www.instagram.com/manas_abhiram/
Volume Up – https://www.instagram.com/volumeup_official/

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