Pushpa Impossible Upcoming Twist , Bapodara Outsmarts A Woman Who Claims That He Is The Father Of Her Child

Upcoming Twist in Sony SAB Serial Pushpa Impossible

Pushpa Impossible upcoming twist
Pushpa Impossible upcoming twist

Sony SAB’s ‘Pushpa Impossible’ tells the heartwarming story of Pushpa (Karuna Pandey), a resilient woman who faces life’s challenges head-on, never losing hope. In the upcoming episodes, Bapodara (Jayesh Bharbhaya) faces a media frenzy as an unknown woman, named Sujata (Anuja Sharawat) claims that Bapodara is the father of her child.

Pushpa Impossible Written

In the upcoming episodes, Sujata accuses Bapodara of being unavailable for her and their child in front of the media. However, it is later revealed that she has been forced to do so by MLA Jagtap (Shahrukh Sadri), who wants to seek revenge against Bapodara for shutting down the schools he had opened. Outsmarting their plan, Bapodara strategically tells Sujata to marry him if she claims he is her husband. Sujata soon regrets her actions and confesses to the media that her previous statement was made under pressure and Bapodara is innocent.

Pushpa Impossible Serial
Pushpa Impossible Serial

Jayesh Bharbhaya – Bapodara

Bapodara is a wise individual who knows how to play his cards right. When Sujata makes her claim, he immediately senses that something is amiss. Bapodara is already under significant stress due to his daughter being accused of killing Bhaskar in an accident.

Despite these challenges, he strategically navigates Sujata’s claims. The upcoming episodes will delve deeper into how Bapodara manages these complications, revealing the consequences of Sujata’s allegations and the resolution of his daughter’s crisis.”
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