Hanuman Dulare , Shemaroo Bhakti Releases A Distinctive Fusion of Modern and Traditional Devotional Anthem from The Dev Vani Album

Shemaroo Bhakti Release Hanuman Dulare

Hanuman Dulare
शेमारू भक्ति अपने आधुनिक भक्ति गीत ‘हनुमान दुलारे’ से जीत रहा हनुमान भक्तों का दिल!

Shemaroo Bhakti, one of the leading platforms for spiritual content, has released a contemporary devotional anthem, ‘Hanuman Dulare.’ In this era of spiritual evolution, ‘Hanuman Dulare’ aims to reawaken the bond with timeless tradition and reignite people’s fading connection with spirituality. This heartening track is part of Shemaroo’s popular rap album ‘Dev Vani’.

Amidst a sea of intense Hanuman albums flooding the market, ‘Hanuman Dulare’ treads a different path, embracing the unexplored tender and compassionate side of Lord Hanuman. Through this musical masterpiece, listeners embark on a poignant journey, diving into the depths of the eternal bond between Hanuman and Lord Ram. It serves as a heartfelt tribute, unveiling Hanuman’s gentle and empathetic nature, his unwavering loyalty, and the boundless love he holds for Lord Ram. The song seeks to enchant the hearts of young listeners, revealing the deep essence of devotion with utmost purity and respect.

Jogeshwaricha Pati Bhairavnath
जोगेश्वरीचा पति भैरवनाथ

Hanuman Dulare

is an emotionally charged ode to the ardent fans and worshippers of Bajrangbali, a song that delves into the essence of devotion, carried by melodic verses that cherish the sanctity and responsibility of this ancient narrative. It pays homage to the timeless tale of the Ramayan while infusing a modern twist, revitalizing the ancient narrative. It captivates the young at heart, honouring the sacredness and reverence of devotional music.

The composition of ‘Hanuman Dulare’ is credited to the talented Agam Agarwal, while the thought-provoking lyrics are skilfully penned by Narci, Siddharth Sharma, and Shri Dhananjay Tiwari. As spirituality intertwines with modern sensibilities, Shemaroo Bhakti’s ‘Hanuman Dulare’ is set to ignite the hearts of music enthusiasts and seekers of divine connection alike.

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