Shemaroo MarathiBana’s Show ‘Jogeshwaricha Pati Bhairavnath’ Will unveil the untold story of Bhairavnath and Jogeshwari for the first time ever on Indian Television

Jogeshwaricha Pati Bhairavnath – Shemaroo MarathiBana Presents the untold Mythological Saga

Jogeshwaricha Pati Bhairavnath On Shemaroo MarathiBana
शेमारू मराठीबाणा वाहिनीची पहिली भव्य दिव्य मालिका जोगेश्वरीचा पती भैरवनाथ

Get ready for an unprecedented mythological voyage as Shemaroo MarathiBana is all set to debut its first original show, ‘Jogeshwaricha Pati Bhairavnath‘. This will be the first time that a channel will be shedding light on the tale of a village’s guardian deity, a ‘gramdevta’, a belief deeply entrenched in Maharashtra’s vibrant heritage.

The talented Kshama Deshpandey and Pratik Nikam will captivate audiences with the enchanting narratives of Jogeshwari and Bhairavnath, while Rohan Ekke and Shweta Naik will embody Shankar and Parvati.Produced by Yelkotti Production Opc Pvt Ltd. and headed by Marathi industry luminary Mr. Santosh Ayachit, this show promises to transport you to the realm of devotion, culture, and intrigue.

Cast and Crew

As the world celebrates the auspicious Shravan month, a time of heightened devotion to Lord Shiva, the Shemaroo MarathiBana show’s release is impeccably timed to capture the essence of this sacred period. ‘Jogeshwaricha Pati Bhairavnath‘ beautifully captures the enchanting love story of Bhairavnath & Jogeshwari, and their profound connection with Shankar and Parvati.

Shemaroo MarathiBana
शेमारू मराठीबाणा

Sharing the excitement on the launch, Pratik Nikam who will be seen portraying the character of Bhairavnath says, “I am truly honoured and excited to have the privilege of stepping into the captivating world of mythology through the remarkable show ‘Jogeshwaricha Pati Bhairavnath’. As an actor, embodying an unexplored character like ‘Bhairavnath’ is a profound and exhilarating experience.

This role is not just a portrayal; it’s a chance to connect with the essence of our cultural heritage. I hope the viewers will build a profound connection with the show and my character ” in Shemaroo MarathiBana Latest Serial.

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Kshama Deshpande who will essay the role of Jogeshwari further added “The untold tale of Bhairavnath and Jogeshwari is finally coming to the audience, and I’m excited to be a part of it. Our hard work and dedication have been poured into this, and I’m hopeful that it will resonate truly with the viewers. Every day, I’m learning something new about Jogeshwari from our talented writer and director, which is incredibly enlightening.

The positive atmosphere on set feels almost divine, and it’s been a remarkable journey so far. I feel a huge responsibility as nobody has ever portrayed Jogeshwari Devi on screen before, and through me, the viewers will get a glimpse of her for the very first time. I hope the audience connects with our characters and showers us with their love and support.”

Jogeshwaricha Pati Bhairavnath
जोगेश्वरीचा पति भैरवनाथ

Prepare for a special treat this Shravan Somvaar, as Shemaroo MarathiBana presents the enchanting tale of ‘Jogeshwaricha Pati Bhairavnath.’ Don’t miss out on this amazing journey!

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