Lagan Special, ShemarooMe brings the biggest Gujarati wedding of the year with the World Digital Premiere

Join the celebration: ‘Lagan Special’ Arrives on ShemarooMe, Bringing the Magic of Gujarati Weddings to Your Screen!

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Indians and their love for weddings are unmatched. With the wedding season yet to arrive, many are yearning for the joy and chaos of wedding celebrations. But worry not, ShemarooMe is all set to fill that void with the World Digital Premiere of the highly anticipated Gujarati family comedy-drama, ‘Lagan Special’.

Starring the beloved duo Malhar Thakar and Puja Joshi, alongside Mitra Gadhavi, Lagan Special blends romance, drama, comedy and the delightful chaos of a Gujarati family wedding with an unusual, unexpected twist that will leave everyone exclaiming, ‘Haa Lagan toh saache Special Che!’ Premiering exclusively on ShemarooMe, Lagan Special promises to deliver unlimited entertainment.


Lagan Special follows the journey of Shekhar (Malhar Thakar) and Suman (Puja Joshi) through their arranged marriage. However, their journey encounters a hurdle when Suman discovers that Shekhar doesn’t truly love her. This revelation prompts Suman to call off the ceremony, igniting tensions between their families.

Determined to win back her love, Shekhar embarks on an emotional journey to demonstrate his sincere devotion. Will their love story overcome these challenges, or will Shekhar find himself alone in the wedding car? Discover the fate of this couple only on ShemarooMe.

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Directed by Rahul Bhole and Vinit Kanojia, and written by Suraj Baraliya, Lagan Special promises a delightful fusion of traditional wedding customs, foot-tapping music, infectious laughter, and heartfelt performances.

If you missed singing along to ‘Zulan Morli Vaagi Re Raajaanaa Kunvar, Haalo Ne Jovaa Jaaye Morli Vaagi Re Raajaanaa Kunvar…’, here’s your chance! Watch Lagan Special, an emotional rollercoaster celebrating the essence of relationship and family, only on ShemarooMe.

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