Udaya TV HD Launching on 15th March – High Definition Kannada Channel

High Definition Karnataka TV – Udaya TV HD Launch

Logo Of Udaya TV HD Channel

Sun network officially announced that they are launching 4 high definition channels udaya tv hd, surya tv hd, gemini music hd and gemini movies hd. udaya tv is the first kannada private channel and now it’s getting the hd version. Reports says suriyan tv is changing it’s name to udaya hd. kannadiga television viewers can enjoy all udaya tv shows, serials, films in high definition format. sun direct will carry hd version udaya tv, they are scrolling the messages. udaya hd will be available soon through all leading cable and direct to home dth services.


Udaya tv is placed at 5th positions in barc television ratings chart. Udaya movies, udaya news, udaya comedy, udaya music, chintu tv are the other offering from sun networks to kannada. colors kannada hd is another channel in high definition format. sun network is one of the largest indian tv network. udaya tv launched on 1st june 1994, this is the very first private channel in kannada. udaya tv recently launched a new fantasy serial named nandhini. it getting good response from all over, hd version of nandhini and other udaya serials can be watch through udaya tv hd.

Latest Karnataka TV Serials

Kannada HD channels

Along with udaya hd, sun network launching other 3 high definition tv channels. Surya tv, malayalam channel getting it’s hd version. Surya tv hd also launching from 15th march 2017. Surya Action channel re naming as Surya TV HD. Malayalam movie channel kiran tv re-branding as Surya Movies from the same date. 2 Telugu hd channels also starting, Gemini Music HD (Sun Action Channel), Gemini Movies HD (Gemini Action Channel).

There may be changes in udaya hd schedule, we will update the same here. Stay tuned here for all the latest updates about kannada tv channels shows.

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