Sony SAB’s Vanshaj Serial Actor Nisha Nagpal About Her Character, “Koel is a Mix of Strength and Vulnerability”

Nisha Nagpal as Koel in Vanshaj Serial, a bold addition to Sony SAB’s Vanshaj

Nisha Nagpal as Koel
Nisha Nagpal as Koel

Sony SAB’s Vanshaj is a family saga that follows Yuvika (Anjali Tatrari) on her resilient journey, where she faces the challenge of proving her worth in an inheritance battle.The plot thickens as Yukti (Anjali Tatrari), the doppelganger of Yuvika, appears unexpectedly at DJ’s (Mahir Pandhi) party and while Yukti’s entry is already creating a storm, DJ’s new legal advisor Koel (Nisha Nagpal) is increasing curiosity among viewers.

Following a year’s leap in the show, Nisha Nagpal is seen essaying the role of Koel, a bold and outspoken advisor who is drawn to DJ’s status, envisioning a glamorous life together. Koel is unfazed by DJ’s past and her entrance has set the stage for new conflicts and alliances in the story.

Nisha Nagpal as Koel

In a candid conversation, Nisha Nagpal delves into the depth of her character providing insights into her dynamic role in the show.

1) What attracted you to the role of Koel, and how do you relate to her character?

Nisha Nagpal , I was captivated by Koel’s character because she’s a mix of strength and vulnerability. She’s independent but also has moments of doubt, which makes her feel real.

I found her journey fascinating because, like her, I’ve faced challenges with determination and resilience. Seeing parts of myself in Koel’s story made the role even more appealing to me.

2) How do you prepare for portraying such a strong-willed character?

Nisha Nagpal as Koel in Vanshaj
Koel Role in Vanshaj Serial Played By

Nisha Nagpal , To step into Koel’s shoes, I immersed myself in her world. I dug into her backstory which was crucial to grasp her emotional depth and motivations.

Working closely with the director and my co-stars was key. We collaborated to ensure we all understood Koel’s essence and the vision we had for the show. This teamwork helped bring Koel to life authentically on screen.

3) Can you tell us more about the dynamics between DJ and Koel?

Nisha Nagpal , The relationship between DJ and Koel is diverse and deep. Despite sharing a strong bond, they also grapple with their differences and conflicts. Koel plays a pivotal role as DJ’s advisor, aiding him in uncovering the truth about Yukti/Yuvika.

As they navigate through the complexities of the situation together, there is a potential for their relationship to evolve into something romantic, adding a major twist to the story.

5) Did you face any challenges while playing this role? If yes, how did you tackle them

Nisha Nagpal , Playing Koel certainly posed some challenges, particularly in capturing her emotional depth as I had to tap into a wide range of emotions including excitement, nervousness, frustration, satisfaction, and sometimes even moments of fear and doubts.

Vanshaj Serial Title Star Cast
Vanshaj Serial Title Star Cast

However, I tackled these challenges head-on with dedication and commitment. Drawing upon my training and relying on the support of my talented cast and crew, I was able to overcome these obstacles and deliver a compelling performance as Koel.

6) Can you share your experience working with the other artists on the set?

Nisha Nagpal , Working with the other artists on set was incredibly rewarding. We forged strong bonds and worked closely together to breathe life into our characters and the storyline. Each member of the cast brought their talent and perspective, enriching the working environment.

Collaborating with such a dynamic and supportive team is making the experience truly memorable and fulfilling. Fans have been loving this show and I hope they will give me the same amount of love.

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