Wild Brazil Series Airs From 1st July 2014 at 8 P.M On Animal Planet

Wild Brazil On Animal Planet

Wild Brazil
Wild Brazil

Brazil, the host of FIFA World Cup 2014, is known for its passion for football. Coinciding with the football season of Brazil, Animal Planet’s new series Wild Brazil captures the fiery beauty of this tropical South American country. A stunning series, Wild Brazil celebrates the very best of Brazil’s wildlife and dramatically beautiful landscapes at a unique time in its history.

The wild heart of South America, Brazil is home to more species than any other country on the planet. From equatorial rainforests in the north and semiarid deserts in the northeast, to temperate coniferous forests in the south and tropical savannas in central Brazil, this is a land of extremes; where every animal must fight to survive.

Airing from 1st to 8th June, every night at 8 pm on Animal Planet, the mini-series Wild Brazil, gives us a peek into the lives of the fascinating animals that prowl the jungles of this gorgeous land.

Animal Planet’s series Wild Brazil follows the lives of an exceptional set of animals; the chattering mischievous tufted capuchin monkeys to a hair-raising fight between the sleek jaguar and a family of giant river otters, not to forget the coati babies who learn how to cope with life in a dramatically changing landscape. They are surrounded by a colorful supporting cast including caiman and macaws, capybara, anteaters and the lurking menace of the jaguars.

This stunning series explores the lives of some of Brazil’s most beautiful, plucky and mischievous animals and the changing landscapes they inhabit. The country’s most iconic species are brought to the screen in a fresh and exciting way, showcasing never before filmed behavior, and offering amazing insights into their personalities and relationship.

Stories include the early days of a baby tufted capuchin, one of the cleverest monkeys in the world; the giant river otter family forced to go head to head with the local jaguars; and a young coati who must face life alone. They are surrounded by a colourful supporting cast including caiman and macaws, capybara, anteaters and the lurking menace of the jaguars.

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