Young Sheldon Season 5 on Comedy Central – Children’s Day , 14th November from 9:00 AM onwards

Celebrate this Children’s Day with the Cooper family on Young Sheldon’s day-long run-on Comedy Central – Young Sheldon Season 5

Young Sheldon Season 5 Comedy Central
Young Sheldon Season 5

The entire Season 5 of Young Sheldon will be telecasted on Comedy Central throughout the day on the 14th of November, Monday from 9:00 AM onwards. Comedy Central is all set to let its viewers experience growing up once again with a hilarious coming-of-age story this Children’s Day. The channel is all set to air the entire Season 5 of the award-winning sitcom Young Sheldon throughout the day on 14 November.

Children’s Day Specials

This show revolves around the childhood of the awkward and self-righteous prodigy Sheldon Cooper, who grows up to be the much-loved protagonist on the show The Big Bang Theory. The fifth season deals with Sheldon moving to and dealing with college, difficult friends, and a huge family crisis, all the while still being a child!

Cast and Crew

Created by Chuck Lorre and Steven Molaro, this coming-of-age sitcom is an American television series that showcases the story of Sheldon Cooper from his childhood to adulthood. The series focuses on the struggles he goes through while managing all the odds of his life. Iain Armitage, the handsome young man portraying Sheldon in the series, was nominated for multiple awards for the role and even won the Young Artist Award for Best Performance in a TV Series – Leading Young Actor.

Tune in to Comedy Central and binge-watch the entire fifth season of Young Sheldon this Children’s Day 14th November from 9 am onwards

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