Madhuri Dixit is My Inspiration , Says Sun Neo Serial Chhathi Maiyya Ki Bitiya Actress Brinda Dahal

Chhathi Maiyya Ki Bitiya Actress Brinda Dahal Says Madhuri Dixit is Her Inspiration

Actress Brinda Dahal
Actress Brinda Dahal

Everyone needs inspiration and a role model to achieve things in their career. Such is Brinda Dahal, who is seen portraying the lead role of Vaishnavi in Sun Neo’s new show ‘Chhathi Maiyya Ki Bitiya’. This show marks Brinda’s debut in the television industry as a lead actress.

When spoken to the actress she revealed that she finds her inspiration and looks up to none other than the legendary Madhuri Dixit for acting and dancing.

Actress Brinda Dahal

When spoken to the lead actress she shared, “I’ve loved dancing since I was a child, and it taught me how to express myself. Madhuri Dixit, the queen of expressions, is my inspiration. I am trying to learn her perfect timing and amazing dance moves.

I also admire her graceful style and her excellent command of language. Madhuri Dixit’s influence continues to shape my journey in dance and expression to this day.”

Chhathi Maiyya Ki Bitiya Cast

In previous episodes, we’ve seen Vaishnavi, a girl deeply devoted to worshiping Chhathi Maiyya, facing opposition from her own father who wants to harm her. Gayatri dadi, impressed by Vaishnavi’s devotion, believes she brings good luck to Kartik and declares her as Kartik’s future bride.

Chhathi Maiyya Ki Bitiya Serial
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Yashoda informs Vaishnavi about the proposal, but the Thakur family expresses their unhappiness to Gayatri about this match. Gayatri found her way to convince everyone to agree to this marriage. Will Gayatri succeed in her aim?

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