Sridevi Mahathme Star Suvarna Serial Launching On 1st July, Every Monday to Saturday at 7:00 PM

Star Suvarna Channel Latest Serial Sridevi Mahathme

Sridevi Mahathme Serial
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Star Suvarna is dedicating with devotion the story of Parvati as the universal mother Sridevi Mahathme from this Monday at 7 pm. Witnessing many firsts on Kannada television, Star Suvarna Channel has been presenting serials like Guru Raghavendra Vaibhav, Hara Hara Mahadeva, Udho Udho Sri Renuka Yallamma and Edeyuru Sri Siddalingeshwar to provide viewers with mythology, spirituality and values ​​based stories.

Now to double your entertainment, the same “Shri Devi Mahatme” is all set to present the story of ‘Parvati’, the merciful mother the world is waiting for.

Sridevi Mahathme

According to mythology, Sati is very beautiful. How will Sati, who falls in love with ascetic Shiva, be reincarnated as Parvati? And why does Mahakali wear Rudravatara? Apart from that, the main purpose of ‘Shri Devi Mahatme‘ is to inform people about the glory and miracles of the Mother of God in an intuitive way.

Now this serial is being shot lavishly, with amazing sets and amazing graphics technologies. People are enthralled by the promos airing on TV and are eagerly waiting to watch the serial. Arjun Ramesh is playing the role of Shiva and Jeevitha Vasistha is playing the role of Parvati. Besides this legendary serial has an excellent cast and is produced by Nandi Movies.

Serial Sridevi Mahathme
Serial Sridevi Mahathme

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Sridevi Mahathme, the story of Birthe Parvati Jaganmateya, will be telecast in your home Manadangal from 1st July on Monday-Saturday at 7 PM on your favorite Star Suvarna Channel. Be pure by beholding the glory of the Goddess

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