Sun Neo Channel Serial Ishq Jabariya Actress Siddhi Sharma’s Bihari Accent Wins Hearts of local in Prayagraj

Actress Siddhi Sharma, Who portrays Gulki in Ishq Jabariya Shares Shooting Experience

Siddhi Sharma’s Bihari Accent Wins Hearts
Siddhi Sharma’s Bihari Accent Wins Hearts

Actors often need to step out of their comfort zone, especially when it comes to learning new languages and accents. Actress Siddhi Sharma, who portrays Gulki in Sun Neo’s show ‘Ishq Jabariya,’ faced such a challenge.

The show is set in a regional backdrop that requires authenticity, including local accents.Recalling an incident in the beautiful city of Prayagraj, Siddhi Sharma shared an experience she had with a local person there.

Siddhi Sharma as Gulki

Recalling a moment during the shoot in Prayagraj, Siddhi Sharma shared, “When we started shooting for the show ‘Ishq Jabariya’, we went to Prayagraj. Since the show is set in a regional setting, we had to use a Bihari accent. At first, I made a lot of mistakes with the accent because it was challenging for me to get it right.

I was born and raised in Mumbai, and my background is Marwari from Jaipur, so the Bihari accent was new to me.

“However, during our time in Prayagraj, I worked hard to pick up the accent. One day, a local person approached me and asked if I was from the area. When I told him I wasn’t, he was surprised and said that I spoke just like the locals. That moment was a big win for me because it meant I had finally learned the accent so well that the local person could not figure out that I was not from that region” Siddhi added.

Ishq Jabariya Serial

Ishq Jabariya
Sun Neo Serial

Ishq Jabariya unfolds as a heartfelt romantic drama centered around Gulki, a spirited young woman with dreams of soaring as an air hostess. Despite enduring hardships at the hands of her harsh stepmother, Gulki remains steadfast in her optimism.

Her path is strewn with unexpected twists, perhaps even leading her to discover love in the most unlikely of places. Starring Kamya Panjabi, Siddhi Sharma, and Lakshya Khurana in pivotal roles, the series promises a journey of resilience, surprises, and the power of love.

Tune into Sun Neo to Watch Ishq Jabariya, Every Monday to Saturday at 7:30 PM.

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