Misunderstandings Deepen as Baani Misjudges Rajat’s Financial Status in Sony SAB Serial Badall Pe Paon Hai

Badall Pe Paon Hai Serial Written Episodes – Baani Misjudges Rajat’s Financial Status

Badall Pe Paon Hai Serial Written Episodes
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Sony SAB Serial Badall Pe Paon Hai follows the journey of Baani (Amandeep Sidhu), a hard-working Punjabi girl who is full of ambition and determination. She is determined to improve her family’s living conditions despite life’s limitations.

In recent episodes, Baani’s engagement to Rajat (Akaash Ahuja) is fixed and misled by his seemingly affluent lifestyle, Baani is hopeful that he will help fund her sister Mannat’s (Noor Matharu) treatment. As both families finalise their Roka ceremony date, Baani remains blissfully unaware of Rajat’s true financial situation.

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In the upcoming episodes, Baani faces several situations where she misjudges the truth about Rajat and his family’s middle-class status. However, during their mehendi ceremony, Baani’s friend Navjyot becomes suspicious of the gold ornaments gifted by Baani’s in-laws, suspecting they are fake.

However, Baani dismisses her claims, still hopeful that Rajat’s financial help will cover Mannat’s treatment. As the story unfolds, Baani and Rajat’s lives become further entangled in this huge misunderstanding that neither of them is aware of.

Sony SAB Serial Badall Pe Paon Hai
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Will Baani uncover the truth before the wedding, or will her hopes be shattered after her marriage?

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Amandeep Sidhu, who essays the role of Baani Arora, said, “This current track is especially intriguing because neither Baani nor Rajat is at fault-it’s all a huge misunderstanding. Baani believes Rajat is wealthy and counts on his financial help to treat her sister.

I believe Baani’s world will shatter when the truth comes to light, not just because of Rajat’s actual financial situation but also because her hopes for her sister’s recovery were tied to this belief. It’s going to be a dramatic and emotional ride, and I can’t wait for viewers to see how Baani deals with these revelations.”

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