Love Kills Madhumita Shukla Hatyakand On discovery+ – Online Streaming from 9th February 2023

discovery+ originals – Love Kills Madhumita Shukla Hatyakand

Love Kills Madhumita Shukla Hatyakand
discovery+ February Lineup

discovery+ has announced its next investigative thriller, a genre that it is famed for, that will feature the story surrounding the death of a poetess who shook the dark underbelly of India’s prominent political circles. The assassination of the young orator and poetess Madhumita Shukla was one of the most talked about cases in India during the early 2000’s.

Love Kills Madhumita Shukla Hatyakand from Times Chronicle will premiere on discovery+ India from February 9 and is available to stream in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, English, Bengali, Kannada, and Malayalam.

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discovery+, the definitive non-fiction, real-life streaming platform, is looked upon by audiences for its stellar slate of unconventional docuseries spanning across genres. From showcasing detailed investigations to exposing undiscovered facts, the shows on the platform acquaint viewers with surrounding incidents of true crime.

On May 9, 2003, a 24-year-old pregnant woman was murdered within the four walls of her home in Lucknow. The discovery+ original, ‘Love Kills Madhumita Shukla Hatyakand’ from Times Chronicle, is slated to release on February 9. It is the tale of Madhumita Shukla, a young veer-ras poetess, her lover Amarmani Tripathi, an MLA and cabinet minister of the U.P government, and his wife Madhumani Tripathi, who believed the murder was the only way out to save her family.

Love Kills Madhumita Shukla Hatyakand

No one could have imagined that the daylight killing would unpack a complex web of deception, lies, political intrigue, and cover-ups. With unprecedented access to those closest to the story, the series unravels the numerous layers of a sensational crime where events and the theatre of passion, politics, and human frailties play out. What started as a passionate love affair ended in bloodshed and a web of lies.

One of the nation’s most influential governments was brought to its knees by a little girl from humble beginnings. Entangled in the circle of deceit is Nidhi Shukla, who waged a fierce legal battle to avenge the death of her sister, a 12-year-old boy- the only witness to the crime scene, and a team of investigating officers who took it upon themselves to decode the case that left everyone perplexed.

Love Kills - Madhumita Shukla Hatyakand
Love Kills – Madhumita Shukla Hatyakand

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