Sudesh Berry Enters Sony SAB Serial Vanshaj as Amarjeet Talwar, a formidable business rival of the Mahajans

New Character Entry In Vanshaj Serial – Sudesh Berry as Amarjeet Talwar

Sudesh Berry as Amarjeet Talwar
Vanshaj Serial New Character

Sony SAB’s ‘Vanshaj’ explores the complexities of inheritance, highlighting a social bias towards male heirs. These norms fuel a conflict between Yuvika (Anjali Tatrari) and Digvijay Mahajan aka DJ (Mahir Pandhi) as they compete for power within the Mahajan empire. In the upcoming episodes, Yuvika takes charge of the Mahajan Empire.

While advancing the business and securing multiple deals, she encounters Talwar family, who are business rivals of the Mahajans. Senior actor Sudesh Berry steps into the role of Amarjeet Talwar, a seasoned businessman and head of the Talwar family.

Vanshaj Upcoming Episodes

As a former business partner of Bhanupratap Mahajan, Amarjeet harbors a deep-seated grudge against the Mahajans due to past conflicts. Amarjeet’s character brings a new layer of intrigue to the storyline, intensifying the rivalry between the two families and unraveling long-buried secrets that threaten to alter their dynamics significantly.

In the new chapter of Vanshaj, Amarjeet’s strong-willed attitude and determination to settle old scores will create significant challenges for Yuvika. His arrival will not only escalate the rivalry between their families but will also bring hidden truths to light.

Sudesh Berry – Amarjeet Talwar

I am thrilled to step into the dynamic role of Amarjeet Talwar in Vanshaj. His complex character presents a compelling challenge for me as an actor. I look forward to playing Amarjeet who is charismatic and is a charmer, yet when it comes to decision making he is very aristocratic and ruthless.

The story is set to turn a new leaf with the introducing of my character (Sudesh Berry) and viewers will get to see a new rivalry that will pose a significant threat to Yuvika and the Mahajans. Vanshaj has been received well by the audience, and I am looking forward to adding a new layer to the show.”

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