Superstar Singer 3’s Shubh finds a fan in Sukhwinder Singh Who Praises Him , This Saturday and Sunday at 8:00 PM

Sony Entertainment Television’s Superstar Singer 3, This Week Highlights

Superstar Singer 3 This Week
Shubh finds a fan in Sukhwinder Singh

This weekend, Sony Entertainment Television’s homegrown children’s singing reality show ‘Superstar Singer 3’ promises to be a musical spectacle. Legendary singer Sukhwinder Singh, known for his high-energy chartbusters, will be seen gracing the show as a special guest, adding a charismatic charm to the show.

In this fun-filled special, the contestants will perform Sukhwinder Singh’s iconic songs to showcase his glorious legacy in the music world. Not only will Sukhwinder be mesmerized with the extraordinary singing talent on the show but he will also share interesting anecdotes about his illustrious career, making for a delightful watch!

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Amidst all the acts, one contestant who will leave a remarkable mark on Sukhwinder will be 14-year-old Shubh Sutradhar. The incredibly talented singer from Siliguri, West Bengal, along with his captain Sayli Kamble, will give a heartwarming performance on ‘Kitne Bhi Tu Kar Le Sitam’ and together, the duo will leave everyone spellbound with their performance.

An impressed Sukhwinder Singh, commented, “Shubh, you sang so well, and out of all the performances, this one was the best. You have the most beautiful voice here.

Sukhwinder Singh

There is so much of romance in your voice. Shubh has a unique quality in his voice and he plays with it really well with his singing. I am still so mesmerized by his voice. Truly Shubh, you have the most beautiful voice I have heard after so many years. God Bless You.”

To know more, be sure to tune in to ‘Superstar Singer 3’ this Saturday and Sunday at 8:00 PM only on Sony Entertainment Television!

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