Will Baani stay or leave? Tensions rise in Badall Pe Paon Hai, as she faces the reality of Rajat’s financial situation

Serial Badall Pe Paon Hai Written Updates – Will Baani stay or leave?

Serial Badall Pe Paon Hai Written Updates
Baani and Rajat

Sony SAB Serial Badall Pe Paon Hai follows the journey of Baani (Amandeep Sidhu) a determined and ambitious girl who dreams big, not just for herself, but to uplift her family’s life despite their financial limitations. Her much-awaited wedding finally took place in recent episodes, with Baani and Rajat (Aakash Ahuja) tying the knot.

Still under the misunderstanding that Rajat is well off financially, Baani dreams of his support to fund her sister Mannat’s (Aastha Gupta) treatment. But her dreams and hopes are shattered when she enters Rajat’s house after the wedding and realises the truth about his financial condition.

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Baani is devastated and lashes out at Rajat, accusing him of lying and betraying her. Completely unaware of Bani’s assumptions, Rajat clarifies that his family never hid anything, and the misunderstanding was entirely hers.

Hurt by the revelation that Baani married him for his supposed wealth, Rajat offers her the option to return to her parents’ house. As Baani’s world is turned upside down, it will be intriguing to see what decision she makes next.

Amandeep Sidhu – Baani Arora

This track is really heart-wrenching. Baani’s dreams shatter when she realizes that just like her, Rajat too comes from a middle class background and his large family is living within limited means.

Her worry about Mannat’s operation and the finances required for it will continue to be a concern for Baani after this revelation about Rajat and his financial condition. Whether she leaves his house or stays back is something viewers will have to wait and see.”

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