Utkarsha Naik as Srishti Verma on Sony SAB TV Serial Vanshaj is Set to Ignite a Whirlwind of Drama

Vanshaj Serial Star Cast – Utkarsha Naik as Srishti Verma

Utkarsha Naik as Srishti Verma
Utkarsha Naik as Srishti Verma

Sony SAB’s ‘Vanshaj’ keeps viewers hooked with its intricate storyline, exploring the gender dynamics and challenges of inheritance, where men have historically held the upper hand as heirs.

Following a one-year leap, the show has introduced several new characters, injecting fresh energy into the storyline. Yuvika’s (Anjali Tatrari) doppelganger, Yukti, has made a bold and daring return, shaking DJ’s (Mahir Pandhi) world along with his love interest, Koel (Nisha Nagpal).

Additionally, the introduction of Srishti Verma (Utkarsha Naik), who portrays Koel’s mother, promises to add another layer of intrigue and excitement to the drama of Vanshaj.

Star Cast of Vanshaj Serial

Utkarsha Naik steps into the role of Mrs. Srishti Verma, playing the role of Koel’s (Nisha Nagpal) mother in the ever-evolving world of Vanshaj. After her husband’s demise, she steps into the political spotlight with a mix of ambition and street smarts.

Despite lacking a formal education, her sharp intellect and cunning nature have propelled her to prominence in the cutthroat world of politics. With her arrival, the dynamics among the characters are set to undergo a dramatic shift, as Srishti’s actions ripple through the storyline, leaving a lasting impact on the lives of those around her.

Vanshaj Serial
Vanshaj Serial

Srishti Verma Role Played By

Utkarsha Naik, who will be essaying the character of Srishti Verma, said, “Playing Srishti Verma in the show has been truly exciting. Srishti’s love for her daughter Koel makes her do anything to protect her future. Her powerful and controlling side adds depth to her character making her presence strong in the storyline.

Her arrival is anticipated to shift the dynamics of the Mahajan empire, adding an element of suspense. Viewers are sure to be thrilled by the suspense and drama that Srishti adds to the show.”

With Srishti Verma’s entry, things are getting exciting in Vanshaj! Her strong personality and cunning ways are sure to shake things up for all the characters. Get ready for some suspense-filled drama ahead!

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