Actress Brinda Dahal Shares Challenges Faced While Portraying Her Character in Chhathi Maiyya Ki Bitiya

Sun Neo Serial Artist Brinda Dahal Chhathi Maiyya Ki Bitiya About The Challenges

Brinda Dahal as Vaishnavi in Chhathi Maiyya Ki Bitiya
Brinda Dahal as Vaishnavi in Chhathi Maiyya Ki Bitiya

Sun Network recently launched their Hindi General Entertainment Channel (GEC), Sun Neo. Along with the channel, they introduced several new shows, including ‘Chhathi Maiyya Ki Bitiya’ featuring talented actors like Devoleena Bhattacharyjee, Jaya Bhattacharya, Brinda Dahal, Aashish Dixit, Sara Khan. Actress Brinda Dahal, who plays the lead role of Vaishnavi, shared some of the challenges she faces while shooting special scenes.

Brinda Dahal – Vaishnavi

“I am a very extroverted person. I make friends quickly, I talk a lot, and I express my feelings openly. My character, Vaishnavi, is quite different. She is calm and composed, an introvert around strangers but more open with people she knows. I enjoy playing my character, but sometimes I have to control my expressive nature. ”

Brinda Dahal added, “I faced one difficulty while we were shooting at Banaras in 46°C heat. I had to run barefoot from one place to another multiple times to get the perfect shot. Only that was the hardest part of playing this character so far.”

Chhathi Maiyya Ki Bitiya

The show is the family drama which revolves around Vaishnavi’s devotion to Chhathi Maiyya, who protects and guides her worshippers through life, celebrating the triumph of good over evil. Vaishnavi (Brinda Dahal), an orphan who venerates Chhathi Maiyya (portrayed by Devoleena Bhattacharjee) as her mother.

Chhathi Maiyya Ki Bitiya Serial
Sun Neo Serials

In the recent episodes, Kartik stops Vikram from applying the sindoor. Instead, Kartik applies sindoor using his own blood by cutting his thumb. The family is happy about the marriage. What will happen next?

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